Certainly! Here’s a blog post focusing on ChemDiv’s partnership with Gwynant Therapeutics and Celyn Therapeutics:

ChemDiv Becomes Discovery Partner with Gwynant Therapeutics and Celyn Therapeutics

Exciting news in the world of drug discovery as ChemDiv, a leading global contract research organization (CRO), announces its collaboration as a discovery partner with Gwynant Therapeutics and Celyn Therapeutics. This strategic partnership brings together the expertise and resources of all three organizations to drive advancements in the development of novel therapeutics. In this blog, we will highlight the key points regarding ChemDiv’s partnership with Gwynant Therapeutics and Celyn Therapeutics and the impact it will have on drug discovery.

Key Points

1. Synergy of Expertise

This partnership combines the complementary expertise of ChemDiv, Gwynant Therapeutics, and Celyn Therapeutics. ChemDiv brings its extensive drug discovery capabilities, including medicinal chemistry, screening technologies, and compound libraries. Gwynant Therapeutics contributes deep knowledge in the area of small molecule drug discovery for oncology indications. Celyn Therapeutics brings its expertise in the development of targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapeutics. The collaboration leverages the strengths of each organization to accelerate the discovery of new therapeutic candidates.

2. Enhanced Drug Discovery Process

By joining forces, ChemDiv, Gwynant Therapeutics, and Celyn Therapeutics can enhance the drug discovery process. Together, they can optimize and streamline hit identification, lead optimization, and preclinical development efforts. The combined resources and expertise of the three organizations will enable efficient target validation, medicinal chemistry optimization, and lead series expansion, ultimately leading to the identification of high-quality drug candidates for therapeutic interventions.

3. Access to Specialized Libraries and Technology Platforms

ChemDiv’s extensive collection of libraries, including diverse screening and fragment libraries, will be made available for this collaboration. These specialized libraries, combined with cutting-edge screening technologies and state-of-the-art synthesis capabilities, will greatly enhance target identification and hit-to-lead optimization. The integration of ChemDiv’s resources into the partnership will expand the breadth of chemical space exploration, increasing the chance of discovering breakthrough medicines.

4. Accelerated Time-to-Market

The collaboration between ChemDiv, Gwynant Therapeutics, and Celyn Therapeutics will accelerate the time-to-market for potential therapeutics. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources, the partners can efficiently progress from lead identification to preclinical development. This accelerated timeline enables the timely advancement of promising drug candidates, increasing the potential for these therapies to reach patients in need faster.

5. Advancements in Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) Therapeutics

Celyn Therapeutics’ expertise in targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapeutics brings a unique dimension to the partnership. By combining small molecule drug discovery with TPD approaches, the collaboration aims to accelerate the development of novel therapeutics for diseases considered difficult to target with traditional approaches. This innovative focus on TPD has the potential to open new avenues in drug discovery and address previously undruggable targets, offering hope for patients with unmet medical needs.


ChemDiv’s partnership with Gwynant Therapeutics and Celyn Therapeutics marks an important step forward in drug discovery and development. By joining forces and leveraging their respective expertise, the organizations can enhance the drug discovery process, access specialized libraries and technology platforms, accelerate time-to-market, and drive advancements in targeted protein degradation (TPD) therapeutics. This partnership exemplifies ChemDiv’s commitment to collaboration and innovation and reinforces its position as a leading CRO in the field. Together, ChemDiv, Gwynant Therapeutics, and Celyn Therapeutics are paving the way for the discovery of novel therapeutics and bringing hope to patients worldwide.