Jesduvroq (daprodustat) approved by US FDA for anaemia of chronic kidney disease in adults on dialysis

Title: Jesduvroq (Daprodustat): A New Treatment Option for Anaemia of Chronic Kidney Disease


In a positive development for adults on dialysis suffering from anaemia of chronic kidney disease (CKD), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently approved Jesduvroq (daprodustat) as a treatment for this condition. The FDA’s decision comes as welcome news for patients and healthcare professionals, as Jesduvroq offers a new therapy option to effectively manage anaemia and improve the quality of life for those battling CKD. Let’s delve into the key points surrounding this approval and its potential impact on individuals living with anaemia due to CKD.

Key Points

  1. Understanding Anaemia of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Anaemia is a common complication of CKD, affecting a significant number of individuals on dialysis. CKD leads to reduced production of erythropoietin, a hormone responsible for stimulating red blood cell production. Consequently, patients with CKD experience low levels of haemoglobin, resulting in fatigue, weakness, and other debilitating symptoms. Until now, treatment options for anaemia in dialysis patients were limited, necessitating the need for new therapeutic approaches.
  2. Introduction to Jesduvroq (Daprodustat): Jesduvroq is an oral medication developed to address anaemia in patients with CKD on dialysis. It falls under the class of hypoxia-inducible factor prolyl hydroxylase inhibitors (HIF-PHIs), which work by stimulating endogenous erythropoietin production and increasing haemoglobin levels. Clinical trials have demonstrated Jesduvroq’s effectiveness in maintaining haemoglobin levels within target ranges in CKD patients.
  3. FDA Approval of Jesduvroq: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted approval for Jesduvroq as a treatment for anaemia of CKD in adult patients on dialysis. This regulatory approval illustrates the safety and efficacy of Jesduvroq in addressing the unmet medical needs of individuals with CKD-related anaemia. The availability of Jesduvroq provides healthcare professionals with an additional therapy option to effectively manage anaemia, thus improving patients’ overall well-being and quality of life.
  4. Impact on CKD Patients: The approval of Jesduvroq by the FDA is a significant milestone for individuals with CKD-related anaemia who are undergoing dialysis. Anaemia can have a profound impact, causing fatigue, reduced physical endurance, and impaired cognitive function. With Jesduvroq now being an approved treatment option, CKD patients on dialysis have greater access to a therapy that can potentially alleviate these burdensome symptoms and enhance their daily functioning.
  5. Advancing CKD Treatment: The FDA’s approval of Jesduvroq marks progress in the field of CKD treatment. It not only offers hope to individuals with CKD-related anaemia but also encourages further research and development of therapies for this patient population. By acknowledging the efficacy and safety of Jesduvroq, the FDA paves the way for continued innovation in the management of CKD, ultimately improving the lives of affected individuals and addressing the unmet needs in their care.


The FDA’s approval of Jesduvroq as a treatment for anaemia of chronic kidney disease in adults on dialysis represents a significant milestone in CKD management. Individuals battling anaemia due to CKD now have an additional therapeutic option to effectively manage their condition, improving their quality of life. This regulatory approval highlights the progress being made in CKD treatment and serves as a catalyst for continued research, development, and innovation. With Jesduvroq, patients on dialysis can look forward to greater possibilities of alleviating the burdensome symptoms of anaemia and regaining control over their health and well-being.